The Brainy Bike Lights® Tech Top 10

  • The edge lit BIKE SYMBOL delivers sharp visibility even at acute angles.

Tech Top 10


Each square light has a backlight module consisting of 5 LEDs, a custom-moulded acrylic plate and a rear diffuser. This design has been engineered to deliver a consistent bright symbol image light which remains in sharp focus at acute angles. Weight: 122g including batteries. Dimension: 71mm x 71mm.

  1. The edge lit symbol allows sharp visibility even at acute angles
  2. The LED symbol delivers a constant light intensity at all points
  3. The lights give amazing visibility and ultra sharp standout at up to 20m
  4. The lights operate static and flashing programs; including static, flashing, intense static and intense flashing
  5. The front light has a battery life of approx 50 hours on flash program
  6. The rear light has a battery life of approx 200 hours on flash program
  7. Front and rear lights fit together in compact storage case when not in use
  8. The lights come complete with two easy to fasten straps for quick screw free fixing to your bike and easy release clips
  9. Front and rear lights in flashing mode conform to road vehicle licensing regulations
  10. International technology and design patents have been filed around this unique and original light


  1. Weigh only 30g
  2. Only 4cm each side
  3. 3. Rechargeable lithium polymer battery: 4 hour charge time via mini USB cable, with max run time of 32 hours for red light on flash, and 20 hours for white light on flash.
  4. Four operating modes: steady, flash, intense, intense flash
  5. Chrome edges and carbon fibre effect.
  6. The light shines out crisply on the edges as well as in the symbol itself, the edge lighting allowing the symbol to be visible at acute angles.
  7. The fixing mechanism works on a sturdy pop in/pop out system as well as allowing you to turn it around within the strap so it’s orientated properly.
  8. The light conforms to CE FCC and RoHS certification and has tested water resistant to a solid IP3.
  9. Easy to fix and ultra flexible rubber strap will fix easily to bikes (handlebars, seatposts, etc etc), helmets and on backpacks and bags.
  10. Once the strap is attached the button on the back of the light simply pops in and fixes robustly. However, if you need to change the orientation of the cyclist symbol, just twist the light in the strap.