Brainy Bike Lights Rear Bike Light - Red Light Only

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Product Description

If you’re only going to choose one light then we would recommend the rear red symbol light fastened to your seat post. Our big bright red cyclist symbol contrasted against the black stencil means motorists will see you clearly. Your rear is really important as statistics show that most serious accidents involving cyclists are caused by other vehicles driving into them from behind.  So our big bright red symbol in static or flashing mode will get their attention.  You’ll be saying to the road users behind you, I am a cyclist, pay attention.  A Brainy Bike Light rear red light helps to keep you safer on urban streets.

Quick Overview of Rear Bike Lights

  • One Red Rear Bike Light
  • One easy fasten strap for quick screw free fixing to bike and easy release
  • 2 AA batteries with a battery life of up to 200 hours for the rear light (on flash mode)
  • Press ON/OFF button once gently to turn on and once each to switch from one mode to the next and to turn off
  • It should be used together with a BS 6102/3 approved light
  • Recommended for urban cycling (unsuitable for off-road conditions)
  • Rear light in flashing mode conforms to road vehicle lighting regulations
  • The Light has Four Modes:
    Intense static
    Intense flash

Product Details

  • EMC and CE approved
  • Weight: 122g including batteries
  • Unsuitable for use with rechargeable batteries
  • Dimension: 71mm x 71mm x 23mm
  • International design and technology patents have been filed around these unique and original bicycle lights

Consumer Reviews

“This light may only give drivers a split second advantage, but factor in vehicle speed and that could be that extra couple of meters to swerve and avoid hitting the cyclist. It’s been proven by scientists at the University of Oxford that the brain responds quicker using this light. This will save lives!”

Daniel Moores, sponsored cyclist for Raleigh

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Additional Information

Weight 122 g
Dimensions 71 x 71 mm